Mini and Multi Split Systems

Ductless mini split and multi-zone systems feature true zoning capabilities, year-round comfort and efficient operation.

We offer a wide range of models that will fit any budget and comfort need. Our line of mini and multi-splits starts with our single-zone configuration and moves up to our best system available – the 30.5 SEER, -22°F heating, Wi-Fi ready series.

Mini Split and Multi-Zone Systems

A Gibson mini or multi split offers a bigger “bang for your buck” – invest in one of these systems and you’ll recoup those costs quickly through efficient operation and energy savings.

Whether it’s a heat pump or cooling-only option you need – we have you covered. We offer several different configurations. This includes an up to 23-SEER heat pump and air conditioner (9,000 – 36,000 BTU), 16-SEER heat pump (9,00 – 36,000 BTU), 16-SEER ai conditioner (9,000 – 24,000 BTU), and 120 volt available air conditioner and heat pump (9,000 – 12,000 BTU). Each model features an inverter compressor and remote controls that can provide temperature control within 1°F! So, if you’re looking for customized comfort, one of these models is sure to be a good fit for your home.

Looking to heat and cool with electricity and enjoy flexible, efficient operation? Choose one our flexible multi-zone heat pumps that provide comfort from two to five zones. These units range in size from 18,000 to 42,000 BTU and can reach 22-SEER, 9.0-HSPF efficiency ratings! With these units, you can experience mix and match flexibility – there are nearly 124 different combinations and they can be matched with high-wall, ducted, four-way cassette, console or floor/ceiling indoor units!

A -22° F temperature heat pump from Gibson is designed with the latest technology. These heat pump systems feature a two-stage compressor that can keep you warm during the harshest winters and cool during the hottest summers. Controlling this system is simple with Wi-Fi enabled controls – all connected to your smartphone or other device. These Gibson heat pumps reach staggering efficiency levels – all the way up to 30.5-SEER, 10.5-HSPF. So, not only will you enjoy premium home comfort, but maximum energy savings and incredible pay back as well.

With an optional solar hybrid, single-zone heat pump, you can enjoy money-saving operation. Not only does this model reach up to 20-SEER, 9.6-HSPF efficiency, but it also has the capability of switching over to solar power when available. This can further reduce energy consumption by as much as 97% in cooling mode!

Talk to a Gibson heating and cooling contractor about the mini or multi-split unit that is right for your home. On top of the efficient operation and energy savings you can enjoy from your new mini or multi-split unit, these systems are backed by an excellent warranty – 5-year parts with 7-year compressor-specific coverage!

A great product with an even better warranty.

Gibson mini and multi-splits are backed by an excellent warranty.